SOCIOS & ALIADOS - Partners & Allies

BioEconomy & AgroBusiness

BioEconomy & AgriBusiness, Crop & Animal Production, AgriTech & AgPrecision Systems, BioFOODs, TecnoPork Farms, BioEnergy, Animal Nutrition Foods, BioFertilizers, NMR Flow Meters

Bio FOODs & Commodities

Agricultural Commodities & Foods Markets, BioFOODs & AgriFOODs Products, Global TRADE Link, Logistics Service, Trade Assurance, Production Monitoring & Traceability Systems


MicroBiology & BioFoods Industry, BioTech Labs, Single Cell Proteins (SCP), Scientiffic Nutrition: Supplemented Foods, Nutritional Health: Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition, BioMaterials & BioFuels

Strategy & Business Development

International Cooperation & Negotiation, Strategy & Global Business Development, Governance & Public Policies, Technological & Economic Development Zones, Open New Markets Development, Events & Expositions, Export Promotion, Press & Diffusion, Multimedia Actions


GlobalTRADE.LINK, Sales & COMEX: Strategy, Global Business, Marketing Plans, Multimodal Transport, Logistics & Delivery Services, Promotion & Diffusion, Manufacturers & Importers Directory Wholesale Suppliers


Complejo Productivo & Biotecnológico Exportador: Industria Biotecnológica & Microbiológica, Laboratorios, Productos Médicos, Salud & Bienestar, Tecnología Medica, BioEconomía: BioMateriales & BioAlimentos,

Energy, OIL, GAS & Fuels

Renewable Energies, Solar & Wind Power Parks, SmartGRID Networking, Saving & Efficcients Project, Hydrogen & Hybrid Engines & Propulsion, Electric Power Networks, Waste to Energy Plants, Hydraulic, OIL, GAS, Fuels, BioFuels & eFuels

Ecology & Environment

Ecological & Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals. Water, Noise & Air Quality, Zero Waste Programs, Waste to Energy Plants, EcoCity Concept & Projects, Environmental Biorremediation

Healthcare, Medicine & Quality Life

Health & Medicine Tech, BioMedicine, BioRobotics, HealthCare & Quality Life, Scientiffic Nutrition: Supplemented Foods, Nutritional Health: Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition, , Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Smart Health Apps.

Digital Economy & ICTs

Information & Communication Technology [ICT], Computer Networking & Software Development, Geographic Information Systems [GIS] Apps, IOT, Electronics & TeleCommunications, FINTECH, SmartCity Solutions, C-4 DataLink, CyberSecurity, Data Analytics

R&D+i LABs, Science & Technology

Science & Technology Knowledge, R&D+ I, Applied Research Projects, Design & Invention, Testing & Approval, Quality Control, Audits, Robotics, Automatization, Simulation Systems, Prototipes Development, NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Products & Solutions

Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technologies & Advanced Knowledge, Artificial Intelligence, BigDATA, IOT, Blockchain, Cognitive, Quantum Communications, Quantum Applications, Hypersonic, Autonomous, Q 5G, Quantum Cryptography & Advanced Algorithms, Invisibility, Nanotechnology & New Materials